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Our production program consists of the highest quality mattresses, top mattresses, additional equipment in the form of pillows, down blankets and protectors

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We offer over 30 models of mattresses, which are divided according to the way they are made. We produce mattresses with wired core, standard foam, memory foam, HR foam, pocket core, special-purpose mattresses and special shapes, as well as baby mattresses.

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Top Mattresses

We offer 6 models of superstructure, which are divided according to the way they are made. We produce top mattresses from standard foam, HR foam and memory foam.

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We offer 6 models of pillows, which are divided according to the way they are made. We produce pillows of classic shape with silicone filling and special-purpose pillows with memory foam fillings.

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We offer 2 models of mattress protectors, 3 models of down blankets and 3 models of pillows for sitting. Protectors represent water-repellent protection for the mattresses, quilted blankets are made from PES wool and pillows for sitting are made from standard and memory foam

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About us

TiN Mattresses are a manufacturing company founded July 2008. It’s main activities are manufacturing of mattresses, beds and supplemental sleep equipment (pillows,top mattresses, blankets...). Factory is located in Preljina near Cacak, 400 m away from highway Belgrade– Cacak

By investing in the latest mattress manufacturing equipment, and following modern acomplishments in the field of healthy sleep, and following high criteria in product quality, a name with that’s a synonym with quality was created. The Mission of TiN Mattresses is to, in modern day of life, fulfill people’s need for good quality sleep. We achieve this through quality, wide ofering of products, long warranties, good followup service, and following the latest word in the science of the good quality sleep. The Vision of TiN Mattresses is to offer the latest sleep equipment that is in line with the latest European Standards, through our sales network.

In our business protfolio, you’ll find over 50 different kinds of products. • We cooperate with over 100 sales locations in country and world, with over 30 international suppliers, with whom we maintain parterships. • Our commitment is to keep innovating and increasing the quality of work in all areas of modern business!

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