Baby Mattresses

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2-3 years

tin madraci duseci dusek bebi duseci

Product description

Made of:

For the youngest you can choose mattresses, supplemental mattresses, mattress protectors, blankets or assortment as for adults.

The environmentally sound materials we use are especially suitable for this program.

Instructions, tolerances, terms of Warranty

Instructions for use:

It is mandatory to turn the mattress three to four times a year for ventilation, equal loading of the upper and lower parts as well as for a longer duration. When turning, moving and transporting, the mattress should not be foldedor twisted. The product must not be exposed to direct sunlight as well as sources heat closer than 1m, recommended humidity below 75%. Machine wash of up to 40 degrees is allowed. To clean the product use lukewarm water or means exclusively for maintenance of furniture.


The permissible residual deformation per usable surface is 1.5 cm Allowed deviation in dimensions by length is +/- 1.5cm, by width +/- 1 cm, by thickness +/- 1cm.

Terms of Warranty:

Product warranty is not recognized if the product is not used according to the instructions.

Certifications and quality

All fabrics were tested by German Oeko-Tex Standard- they do not contain substances harmful to human health

In cooperation with the largest and highest quality manufacturer of the canvas for the world's mattresses "Boyteks" This product is made using premium Boyteks canvas

Quality inspected by Jugoinspekt Beograd - Certificate of Quality number 4163.